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“I don’t like colour. The real factories that I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them… I really love the oil-impregnated earth, you know, where the earth is gleaming with black oil and there is steel and brick and glass and these machines, and smokestacks and the smoke and the fire. It’s an amazing, phenomenal […]

I just visited an enthralling exhibition by artist Gemma Anderson at the Eb & Flow Gallery near Old Street in London. She has developed a focused artistic practice in which she takes an analytical approach that is similar to scientific research. She uses observational drawing as the foundation for explorations in different media, most notably […]

Some of Anna’s pictures of tattooed women will be shown as part of the “Woman; whose canvas?” exhibition at The Rag Factory. The exhibition aims to question the concept of female beauty, who decides what is beautiful and at what cost is this perfection attained? It is a fundraiser for FORWARD, a charity that work […]