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Following on from last year’s Radiant Dawn print, I’ve just received this lush new Dan Mumford print from the same series (although my backlog of pictures to frame isn’t getting any smaller). Stunning colour palette and tight composition.

… amazing Soundgarden poster by Dan Mumford …

I’ve just completed a website for my good friend John Davide who produces painstaking stop-frame animations with a great flair for narrative. I created the structure for a site using WordPress, including a header that helps convey his handmade style and his character illustration. His atmospheric drawings are also gorgeous and I hear he’ll be […]

I’ve just designed and screen-printed these babies for our friends at Hand Baked Arcade.

After a few sessions tinkering with my Adana press I’m finally getting some decent results. Some research and experimentation led me to the conclusion that dampening the paper gives much better results whether you’re printing with or without ink. Paper quality also made a huge difference, especially to the blind debossing. I used some Fabriano […]

I am always in awe of folk who have the focus and patience to work with one technique and give it enough time to gain absolute mastery. I use a range of image-making techniques so I always feel I need to spend more time perfecting my skills. One of the print studios I find most […]

I’ve just received my first custom-made letterpress block in the post! It’s a steel backed photopolymer plate mounted onto type height wood so it’s all ready to print on my Adana press. I’m going to use it to create some postcards to promote our The Withdrawing Room project. The clarity of detail is superb but […]

Ambigraph Studios are now up and running in South London! As well as a being photo studio providing a cosy space for portrait shoots, product and still life photography, we run our design business from here and finally have space for some lo-fi relief printmaking, including a small Adana letterpress and a rack of lead […]

Welcome to our final Dermagraph calendar of the month. This has been a very enjoyable project through which we are honoured to have worked with many wonderful models. For this final month we have decided to revisit Mistress Jezabel as there were too many great pictures from her shoot to choose just one. She was […]

As our year of tattooed women starts to draw to a close, our penultimate inked lady is Miss Ruby Fortune. Based in London, Ruby is a burlesque performer, singer in a rockabilly band (The Drowning Sorrows) and currently models for Limb Clothing, amongst others. She has also featured in a variety of tattoo magazines. Find […]